White Java Kratom: Origin, Effects, and Dosage

Indonesia, the world’s major exporter of kratom has a reputation as the center for the farming and growth of various kratom strains such as Borneo, Bali, Sumatra, and Java on their respective islands. Made up of five major islands, it is the world’s largest island country.

Moreover, commercial plants such as sugarcane, tea, and coffee are popularly grown on the island. It is important to note that kratom and coffee both belong to the same ‘Rubiaceae’ family.

This article will provide you with information about the production of white kratom in Java, the largest island in the world located in Indonesia. Let’s proceed.

What is White Java Kratom?

White Java is a known euphoric and stimulating agent. It is useful for mood upliftment, so it can be used as a replacement for coffee to be more alert and in high spirits.

Harvesting and Processing of White Java Kratom

The environment in this region is ideal for the growth of kratom trees thanks to the volcanic soil and warm climate. Since the quality of kratom you get is largely influenced by the harvesting, the Java strain is very popular because the native farmers in Indonesia are highly skilled in this process.

After harvesting the white kratom leaves, farmers have them cleaned in running water to get rid of dirt, debris, and dust.

After that, the leaves are hung on racks and either taken inside to dry or left in the sun. At the end of the drying phase, industrial grinders are used to grind the leaves and the result is fine-grain white vein java kratom powder that has a rich alkaloid concentration.

What Are The Varieties Of Java Kratom Available?

Like the other strains of kratom, the Java strain is available in four primary vein colors: green, yellow, red, and white, each with its unique attributes.

Red Java

Red Java is the bestselling kratom strain ever. The red vein kratom trees thrive in Indonesia and have a little more persistence than yellow, green, and white-colored leaf veins and stems. It gives you a feeling of optimism and a sense of peace.

Yellow Java

Yellow Java is known to be rare but has been popular in the kratom market in recent times. Basically, it is a type of white vein kratom that undergoes a change in color during the drying phase of the kratom leaves. According to users, it has similar effects with the green strain, providing relief from pain or anxiety and inducing an energetic feeling.

Green Java

Green Java is obtained from immature leaves. It is a balance between red and white strains. It is definitely effective as a mild energy improver and can help you stay alert all day long.

What Are The Qualities That Help You Choose White Java Kratom Strain?

White Java kratom contains alkaloids as it is produced from the extraction of the stems of the kratom leaves. The following are the qualities to guide you in choosing this incredible herb:


The great flavor and potency of Java are a result of the humid climate and volcanic soil of the jungle of Indonesia. Before proceeding to purchase kratom, ensure that the product is made out of leaves from this place.


You can determine the freshness of kratom white java powder from its pleasant aroma. Simply smelling the powder can help you confirm the quality.


Kratom is an herb, which means it is subject to degradation over time. Fresh kratom powder feels smooth to the touch. Stale powder, on the other hand, will feel like dusty particles when touched.

In addition, if moisture gets into the bag, the powder will form lumps and produce a foul odor when the bag is opened.

What Are The Methods Of Consuming White Java Kratom?

White Java Kratom can be consumed in many ways as discussed here:

Toss and Wash – Easiest Way

First, measure out the correct powder dosage and put it in a glass. You will swallow it directly and drink water thereafter.

Brew a Tea

To brew a kratom tea, add the white vein java kratom powder to water first and boil up the mixture for a maximum of 30 mins. Let the mixture settle for a while and then strain off the liquid. People enjoy consuming kratom in this way. This process may take time, but the results are consistent.

Mix With Yoghurt

Yogurt contains a lot of vitamins. You can mix white java kratom powder with plain yogurt or chose flavored yogurts to conceal the bitterness of kratom.

In Capsule Form

Kratom capsules can be purchased in the market or you can make your own pills but ensure to take these pills with a lot of water.

How Do The Potential Effects Of White Java Kratom Affect Brain and Behavior?

The following are the behavioral and mental effects of the white Java strain:

  • Less anxiety
  • Higher focus
  • Euphoria
  • Increased talkativeness
  • Enhanced mood

Even with the obvious advantages, white Java kratom should be used with the user being fully aware of its potential effects. However, the effects will be determined by the age, weight, tolerance level, lifestyle, and medical history of the user.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Hot flashes and cold sweats
  • Feverish body aches
  • Oversensitive nerve endings
  • Low energy and motivation
  • Disturbed hunger and dehydration
  • Effects on body
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Higher energy levels
  • Less pain

Duration of Effects

It typically takes 7 to 10 minutes for the herb to take effect. The effects generally last up to around five to six hours.

What Amount Of White Java Kratom Should I Take?

This will basically be determined by factors such as the quality of the product, among other things. However, the guideline chart below contains the recommended dosage for kratom lovers according to experts.

Category                     Dose                            Effects

Low to moderate        1 to 5 grams                higher energy and focus levels

High                            5 to 15 grams              Opioid-like “high”

  • Pain relief
  • Higher risk of side effects

Risky                           above 15 grams           Sedation

  • Severe side effects

How to Become Tolerant To White Java Kratom Strain

Because the strain has excellent medicinal and psychological qualities, it is recommended that you become familiar with how it works in order to prevent side effects.


Rotate Strains

Your tolerance can be overcome if you rotate the strains after using them for a period. By using a different vein color daily or weekly, your tolerance can be reduced significantly.

Be Mindful Of the Dosage Amount

Use small dosage amounts in the beginning. This method is understandable since it allows you to take a higher dose later.


With the increasing popularity of White Java Kratom, new suppliers are bringing up products with different qualities. We believe this article will be of help as you make informed decisions when buying kratom. The important thing is to learn about the production practices and quality standards of vendors.

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