Red Thai Kratom

Red Thai Kratom is one of the most popular kratom strains. As suggested by the name, it is a Thailand-grown variety with red-colored veins.

Red Thai offers a lot of the usual benefits that kratom provides, with more concentration on the anxiolytic and relaxing effects.

In this article, you will learn the dosage, benefits, and possible side effects of the Red Thai strain of kratom.

Introduction to Red Thai Kratom

Red Vein Thai Kratom is cultivated in Thailand.

There are questions about why kratom strains have different colors. If you know about the kratom plant, then you may know that different strains have different shades of green.

Some strains have darker shades than others and some have a hint of red. Some think that the process of harvest is responsible for the difference in colors.

Red Vein Kratom is commonly believed to be harvested far into the season, by which time the veins of the leaves will have turned red. However, our reports from kratom farmers in Thailand and Indonesia suggest that this is not true.

There are green vein kratom strains too, as well as white vein kratom strains.

According to the farmers we contacted, the color differences are usually caused by the fermentation process. The fermentation process in the kratom plant results in chemical changes.

The most significant chemical change is when mitragynine, the primary alkaloid in kratom, is converted into 5-HO-mitragynine.

The mitragynine alkaloid is stimulating. It is the reason for most of the focus-enhancing and stimulating properties of kratom. However, during the fermentation of kratom in the sunshine, mitragynine is converted into 5-HO-mitragynine.

5-HO-mitragynine has more relaxing effects than stimulating ones. As kratom undergoes fermentation, it also turns red.

What Are The Uses Of Red Thai Kratom?

Red Thai is known for its high concentration of 5-HO-mitragynine, compared to Green Thai Kratom. Therefore, you can expect it to have more relaxing properties.

However, one unique quality of kratom is the ability to offer different advantages according to the dosage you take.

The effects of kratom are produced by the various active alkaloids in it.

There are agonist alkaloids. Agonists induce activity in a receptor. When there is stimulation in a receptor, it leads to a change in the related cell.

There are also antagonist alkaloids. These function in the opposite way by deactivating the receptor.

There is a complicated profile of agonists and antagonists in kratom. It is believed that the interaction between these compounds results in the different effects you get, for instance, at a two-gram dose as opposed to what you get at an eight-gram dose.

Nevertheless, the following are some of the benefits that Thai Kratom provides:

1. Relaxation and Sleep

Kratom can have stimulating effects in low doses.

However, it is also known to have strong relaxing effects. Red strains such as the Red Thai Kratom usually have more relaxing effects because they contain a higher concentration of 5-HO-mitragynine.

2. Pain Relief

Pain relief is one of the most common uses of kratom.

Red strains perform better in this function and from reviews, kratom has been able to help many people stop taking pain medications.

3. Anxiety and Stress Relief

Kratom is physically relaxing and is also a great way to help relax the mind.

Hence, it is an excellent tool to help at the end of a long or demanding day at work. In addition, it can be of great assistance to you as you try to resolve the issues causing you anxiety.

4. Managing Opiate Withdrawal

Kratom contains alkaloids that interact with the opioid receptors in the body. This is why Red Vein Thai can help in managing opioid withdrawal symptoms for intense opioids such as fentanyl and heroin.

Note that kratom is helpful in managing withdrawal symptoms because it is also an opioid.

If you consume high doses of kratom for a long time, you can eventually develop an addiction to it (though the effect is far less compared to synthetic opioids).

5. Enhanced Focus

When it comes to improving focus, people prefer to go for the white and green strains. Some red strains such as Red Thai can be of help as well.

Taking Kratom Red Vein Thai in lower doses can lead to improvement in focus for some hours before the relaxing effect kicks in.

6. Eliminate Insomnia.

Red strains are effective in helping you relax and unwind after a long day. Therefore, people who are dealing with insomnia will find them useful.

Dosage for Red Thai Kratom

The kind of effects you’re aiming for will determine the dosage of kratom herb you should consume.

Dosage for Focus and Stimulation

Red Thai Kratom has more relaxing effects and is not usually advised for focus and stimulation. However, the unique qualities of kratom are more stimulating in lower doses.

If you’re looking to get higher focus during the day using Red Vein Kratom Thai, your dosage of the supplement should be around one to three grams. If you go way above that, the stimulating effects will be overshadowed by the sedative and relaxing properties.

Dosage for Pain Relief and Relaxation

If you’re looking to relax using Red Thai Kratom, your dosage should be slightly higher than what you would use for focus.

The dosage amount for relaxation is around two to eight grams of the herb. For those who are sensitive, the lower spectrum of this dosage would be appropriate.

And note that most people are likely to feel relaxed when the initial stimulating effects of kratom are exhausted. Hence, even if you take low doses for focus, you are likely to experience a feeling of relaxation later on.

Red Thai Kratom Side Effects

There are many benefits associated with Red Vein Thai and there are also things to take note of. Every supplement has side effects, especially with high dosage amounts or prolonged periods of use.

1. Kratom Wobble

If you’re using kratom in extremely high doses, your body will become overwhelmed by it. Similar to how you can get the jitters from consuming caffeine in high doses, you can get the wobbles from consuming kratom in high doses.

The wobbles are a feeling of discomfort that can be likened to vertigo. You may feel slightly nauseous or dizzy. This can be avoided by finding your sweet spot and avoiding doses above that.

2. Dependence and Tolerance

There are several alkaloids in kratom that interact with opioid receptors. This means that prolonged use can lead to physical dependence.

Do not take kratom every day. If you have to, ensure that you use small doses. This will reduce the possibility of developing a dependence on the herb.

3. Constipation

Kratom is known to be able to reduce the rate of the digestive system. This may be considered to be an advantage if you have diarrhea or IBS problems.

However, an average person may become constipated as a result of excessive consumption of kratom. This side effect can also be prevented by taking kratom in moderate amounts and spacing your consumption throughout the week.

4. Dehydration

Kratom is an extreme astringent, as well as a diuretic herb. This means that it causes frequent urination and also produces a drying effect on the body of the user.

Ensure that when you take kratom; you also drink plenty of water. This way, you can avoid both dehydration and constipation.

Final Thoughts: Red Thai Kratom

Red Vein Thai Kratom is an excellent supplement for anyone who is looking to manage pain and reduce their anxiety.

While low doses of Red Thai Kratom can have stimulating properties, many people prefer it for managing pain and discomfort. Also, it is a great strain to use when going to bed because of its anxiety-relieving properties.

If you think you should try out Red Thai, go ahead and reach out to a kratom vendor for help on how you can get some.

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