Red Horn Kratom

Red Horn Kratom is one of the kratom strains most commonly used. It is popular for being able to provide great pain relief and relaxation.

However, there are some questions concerning what Red Horn really is.

Some vendors claim that it is obtained from a unique kind of kratom plant with spiked leaves. Other vendors claim that it is no different from other red vein strains of kratom.

Let’s throw some light on these questions.

Overview Of Red Horn Kratom

The jungles of Borneo are home to Red Horn Borneo Kratom.

The name is derived from the characteristic spikes that grow around the edges of the leaves. They are called horns.

This phenomenon is not unusual. Trees belonging to the same family can have different forms depending on where they grow. For instance, oak trees have been observed to have leaves of different colors based on where the trees grow.

On the other hand, kratom trees growing in different areas tend to form differently shaped leaves. Pointy, horned leaves are an example of the leaf variances caused by location.

Irrespective of the cause, the alkaloid content of these leaves is the same, compared to other strains of kratom. Therefore, they might not really be more valuable, regardless of what you may be told by some vendors.

However, this is not to say that Red Borneo Kratom doesn’t deserve your time. It only means that its potency is the same as other red vein varieties.

The main thing that differentiates Red Horn Kratom from other red kratom strains is the marketing. In terms of the alkaloid content, the differences are marginal at the most.

Another reason is that the regional demand for Borneo Kratom is not always met. These plants can only be found in a particular part of the world, hence, supply is below the usual.

Unique products always catch the fancy of people. Therefore the supply of Red Horn Borneo is often way far less than the demand. The result of this is a price surge.

Nevertheless, Red Horn remains an incredible option for those who are looking to find relaxation, anxiety relief, and pain relief. It is also a good choice for those who have explored everything and are interested in a different and unique alternative.

Uses of Red Horn Kratom

Like other strains of kratom, Red Horn Kratom comprises many different alkaloids. Mitraphylline, mitragynine, and 7-Hydroxymitragynine are some of the most potent alkaloids in the herb.

7-hydroxy mitragynine is an alkaloid that contributes very significantly to the unique effects of white, green, and red strains. The effects of this compound are more relaxing. Mitragynine itself is known to be more stimulating.

Below is a summary of the effects that Red Horn Kratom provides:

  • Pain Relief: Red Horn Kratom is commonly used and is effective in treating pain.
  • Mood: Red Horn Kratom is a great option for those in need of mood elevation.
  • Sedation: Red Horn Kratom has the ability to bring pain relief that is not accompanied by sedation.
  • Energy: Red Horn Kratom is not usually advised for people who are looking for a boost on energy levels, however, small doses can be administered for this purpose.
  • Anxiety Management: Red Horn Kratom is helpful for people dealing with anxiety.

You can expect you experience these effects if you use Red Horn Kratom.

1. Elevated Mood

An improvement in anxiety and mood is one of the major benefits of consuming Red Borneo Horn Kratom.

There are different ways in which kratom can improve mood. First, it introduces various alkaloids into your body that can imitate the reactions of the natural endorphins in the body. These are happy chemicals that are produced when you engage in pleasant activities such as eating food, having sex, or working out.

Red Borneo Kratom is also able to eliminate any unwanted or unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Such unpleasant emotions are likely to hinder you from experiencing a pleasant mood.

Having noted that, unwanted emotions such as stress and depression are always a sign that there is something wrong. If you’re having these feelings, it is best to deal with them instead of simply avoiding them by using a substance.

Kratom is also one good way to help you find the strength to deal with these problems directly. However, it should not be taken as a permanent solution.

2. Relaxation and Sleep Aid

One of the common uses of Red Horn Borneo Kratom is to aid relaxation.

Certain compounds that interact with the opioid receptors in the body are present in kratom. These are also the receptors that are stimulated in a baby who is being nursed by his mother.

This is, unfortunately, one of the major reasons for the addictive tendencies of kratom. The intense feeling of euphoria and relaxation is quite appealing and this can result in the habitual consumption of kratom.

Kratom can also be used in treating people who suffer from insomnia, and Red Horn Kratom is very effective when it comes to this. Most strains usually wear off into relaxation, but the relaxing effect kicks in almost immediately with Red Horn.

3. Reduced Anxiety

Another advantage of using Red Horn Kratom is a reduction in anxiety.

Red Horn is known for bringing physical comfort and relaxation. It has the same effect mentally. Red Horn is quite effective in helping to reduce mental anxiety as well as the anxiety that may be associated with it.

There are many different ways anxiety sets in. Red Horn is helpful in managing every one of them.

Generalized anxiety is a kind of anxiety that has no actual cause and affects victims for the entire day. Red Horn is an effective treatment for particularly bad cases of such generalized anxiety flare-ups.

Red Horn is also beneficial to those dealing with social anxiety. It can as well stop a panic attack before it settles in.

By all means, anxiety shouldn’t just be repressed. If you have a case of chronic anxiety, it is best to find the trigger.

However, it may take months or years to overcome anxiety. Red Horn Borneo can be very helpful to you when you experience periods of intense anxiety.

4. Pain Management

Pain relief is one of the most common reasons people use Red Horn.

Various alkaloids that interact with the opioid receptors in the body are present in kratom. These are also the receptors that are activated by traditional prescription medication for treating pain.

However, kratom poses less danger and risk of addiction than these drugs. As a matter of fact, kratom has been reported to help thousands of people overcome addiction to narcotic drugs.

Red Horn Kratom is particularly effective in helping to get rid of the pain. This is because of its high concentration of 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

Red Horn Kratom Dosage

Kratom is unique because it can have a wide range of effects depending on the dosage you use. While small doses are likely to bring more stimulation, higher doses tend to bring pain relief and sedation.

Generally, 2 to 10 grams of powder is the dosage range of kratom.

The lower dosage range (2 to 5 grams) is ideal for focus and stimulation, while the higher range (5 to 10 grams) is more effective for pain, anxiety, mood, and sleep.

Red Horn Borneo Kratom is not exactly known to cause stimulation. However, it can definitely be used in low doses for this purpose.

The above dosages are general tips. Your reaction to kratom can be influenced by other factors. Factors like your metabolism, weight, and age can affect your response to kratom.

Nevertheless, there is a natural, built-in process with kratom which as many people have observed, prevents users from going far above the appropriate use.

Due to the various chemical reactions of the alkaloids in kratom, most people learn that there is a ‘sweet spot’ for them. If they take a far higher dose than this, they usually begin to feel unpleasant effects.

With respect to this, even when a user develops a tolerance, they are usually advised against taking too much. If they do, the benefits become will be overshadowed by the side effects.


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