Red Elephant Kratom

Red Elephant Kratom is a new and popular kratom strain. Vendors will claim that Red Elephant Kratom is unique because it has much bigger leaves compared to most plants, which is why it is called ‘elephant.’

This special red vein kratom strain may not be all that powerful compared to other strains out there, but when you think about it, you don’t always need that.

We will get you familiar with Red vein Elephant Kratom in this article. We are going to discuss its effects, the recommended doses for expected benefits, as well as any side effects, to take note of.

Overview of Red Elephant Kratom

The leaves of Elephant kratom strains are extraordinarily big. According to claims by several vendors, the reason for the size of these leaves is that they have more content than usual.

However, this is not true. Kratom dosage is calculated in grams of powder, so there is no relationship between the size of the leaves and the quantity of active ingredients that you really take in. The only implication is that more doses are obtained from larger leaves than from smaller leaved strains.

The coloration in the leaf veins has more significance than the leaf sizes.

This very strain is a Red Vein Kratom variety which is the best strain for the more intense effects of kratom such as relieving muscle tension, pain management, and promoting sleep.

There are many different alkaloids present in kratom and during the process of fermentation, some of the alkaloids are converted into new ones.

Red Vein Elephant has a higher percentage of alkaloids such as mitraphylline and 7-OH-mitragynine.

The effects of these alkaloids are more relaxing compared to some of the stimulating effects that are associated with white vein or green vein kratom strains.

Red Elephant Kratom Benefits

Red Elephant Kratom is quite a balanced red strain. It may not thoroughly impress you, but it is a nice strain to use casually.

High doses of it provide a sedating effect but the sedation won’t be so intense that it will interfere with your ability to carry out your daily activities.

1. Fights Pain

Red Vein Elephant Kratom can help people deal with pain, though it is not usually seen as the best strain for this purpose. All red strains contain a higher percentage of pain-fighting alkaloids. It is the same with Red Elephant.

Because its effects are so balanced, Elephant Kratom is useful for fighting pain in the daytime without leaving you feeling weak or tired during the day.

However, it is for this same reason that it is not the best strain for that purpose. All kratom strains that are effective against pain will also be more sedative.

2. Supports Better Sleep

The fact that Red Elephant is not the most potent strain does not make it useless in terms of sedation. High doses of Red Elephant Kratom can offer strong sleep-assisting effects.

It is a great choice for people who are looking for something milder to put them to sleep in the evenings. Everyone believes that the best options for sleeping challenges are the highly potent sedatives but this is generally going overboard.

The highly potent sedative strains of kratom may make you feel rather groggy the next morning and give you a hard time getting up. This strain is milder and is a lot less likely to leave you too groggy or weak the next day.

3. Enhances Mood and Productivity

Just about every strain of kratom will have some effects on your mood. It is no different with Red Vein Elephant, though most of the mood-enhancing effects may be more obvious in people who are dealing with symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

Kratom Red Vein Elephant on its own may induce a slight mood enhancement because mitragynine and similar compounds activate the dopamine system and opioid receptors in the body.

However, people dealing with anxiety and depression may observe that these unpleasant feelings are inhibited when they consume kratom. In addition to the biochemical mood improvement provided by the various alkaloids, this can result in feelings of euphoria and excitement.

This excited feeling is one of the primary reasons for the addictiveness of kratom. It can appear so potent in getting rid of ’emotional problems’ that users wonder why it shouldn’t be taken all the time.

Sadly, kratom is not the solution to all. As a matter of fact, your emotional problems won’t get a permanent solution without interpersonal work. All other solutions, whether pharmaceutical, herbal, or illegal, are only temporary support and not the solution.

Red Elephant Kratom Dosage

The same general guidelines we offer on the dosage of most kratom strains apply to this strain.

However, you should note that individuals are different. It is not extremely powerful, so you should be fine with using the normal dosage.

With kratom, the dosage is biphasic meaning that low doses give different effects from high doses.

Kratom is stimulating at low doses while it is sedating at high doses.

We have some general dosage tips to guide you through some of the common uses of Red Elephant Kratom.

Dose for Focus and Energy: around one to three grams. Compared to other red varieties, Red Elephant still has a good degree of stimulating effects.

Dose for Relaxation and Anxiety Relief: around three to five grams. At this dose, you’ll experience smoother relaxation and higher focus.

Dosage for Pain Relief and Sedation: around five to eight grams. These are the appropriate doses for experienced kratom users or those who are really looking to experience pain relief and sedation.

Remember to begin at the lower end of the dosage range. Even if your aim is only to get better focus, take one gram of Red Elephant Kratom on your first trial. Gradually increase your dosage until you discover your sweet spot.

As soon as you find your sweet spot, stick to it. You don’t want to develop side effects as a result of going overboard.

Final Thoughts

Though Red Vein Elephant Kratom maybe sort of a marketing gimmick, this is not to say it doesn’t deserve a trial.

It is a great “mild” kratom that assists sleep and provides relief for anxiety and moderate or mild pain.

Keep an eye out for offers on this strain. It is an interesting choice but you should never buy it when it is being sold by a vendor at around 10% higher price than they sell other red veins.

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