Red Dragon Kratom

Red Dragon Kratom has only been around in recent times but in this short amount of time, it has become very popular.

Kratom, whether you buy it in powder or capsule form, is obtained from the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, a relative of the coffee tree.

Growing naturally in Southeast Asia rainforests, this evergreen tree has been used for centuries by natives to relieve anxiety and pain, as well as improve energy and mood. This is because the plant has analgesic, stimulating, and sedative effects. Therefore it can be used medicinally as well as recreationally.

But to enjoy Red Vein Dragon Kratom to the fullest, you should get it from a reliable source, which would be your go-to source for all kratom-related products, whether tea, capsules or powders.

Most Red Vein Dragon is from Thailand and the different effects it offers make it a popular variety among people who have demanding lifestyles or occupations.

Stress relief and mood enhancement are its most common benefits. It can also be very soothing and relaxing, especially at the end of a long day at school or work.

Red Dragon Kratom Effects

This strain is relatively new so there is little scientific research to support the effects and benefits of the Red Dragon strain.

However, there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that it may be helpful for mood enhancement and relief of physical and mental stress.

Red Vein Dragon Kratom has some other potential benefits such as:


Though there is no scientific evidence to prove the amount of antioxidants present in this strain, there is evidence that it can eliminate free radicals and prevent some cancers.

Stress and Depression Relief

Another advantage of consuming Dragon Kratom is that it helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. This strain is popular for its calming and relaxing effects.

Mind Stimulation

Depending on the dosage, Red Vein Kratom can stimulate a higher level of mental and/or physical stimulation. It is also known to increase alertness and physical strength.

It can also lead to improved cognitive function in several ways over time, such as enhancing memory retention.


The Red Dragon Kratom strain contains a high concentration of the mitragynine alkaloid. This is why it treats inflammation and pain effectively.

Mitragynine is similar to opioids in operation as its sedative effects are picked up by the brain, making it a great way to manage opiate addictions and cravings. But taking the correct dose is important in order to get the expected pain relief.

Insomnia Treatment

This strain is also known to manage sleep disorders such as insomnia because of its sedative properties. In turn, this can help to relieve physical and mental stress the next day and promote improved focus.

Side Effects

Red Vein Dragon is a 100% natural herbal remedy. It has not been compromised in any way.

The leaves are simply harvested from the trees by farmers, dried, and processed according to specifications from retailers. Some people prefer it in capsules, while some enjoy it in form of tea or powder.

Red Dragon is natural, but it may induce some side effects, though mild. These effects include sweating, constipation, nausea, and vomiting. If you consume the appropriate doses, you can avoid most of these side effects.

In addition, ensure that you get your kratom from a reliable source to be on the safer side.

Alkaloid Content

Red Vein Dragon Kratom is one of the red vein strains, so we know it has a good number of alkaloids present in it.

Its effects are proof of this. But the exact number of alkaloids is still unknown because it is relatively new and there is little information about it.

What we do know is that it is just like the Thai Red vein strain which has a small amount of 7-hydroxy mitragynine and more of regular mitragynine. This is why its effects are so powerful.

Recommended Dosage

Like any other kratom strain, consuming the appropriate dosage is important if you want to enjoy it to the fullest.

A 2-gram dosage is more than enough for beginners to start with if you’re looking to experience higher physical stamina, energy levels, and concentration.

For intermediate users, a 4 to 5-gram dosage is recommended at most. This will create a relaxing effect and can be a nice way to unwind.

After a while, it may be necessary to increase the amount to 6 grams. This is a very heavy dose and can produce serious sedative effects. It can also cause side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

Final Thoughts

Red Dragon Kratom is one of the most recently discovered strains of kratom. Its effects are mildly energizing while higher doses can be sedating.

For optimal results, we advise you to buy it from a reliable vendor that can offer different kinds of strains to meet different tolerance levels and needs.

Remember to take low doses in the beginning and avoid consuming kratom for extended periods.


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